Afordable LASER Treatment (লেসার ট্রিটমেন্ট) in Bangladesh

LASER Treatment

 LESAR Treatment
LESAR Treatment

LASER treatment for anal diseases (LASER proctology)



To speak about anus is generally a social taboo in our country. You cannot even see the place. Generally we hide it from our nears and dears; don’t visit any colorectal doctor and suffer by making the disease chronic and complicated.


Common anal symptoms are:

bleeding, pain, itching, skin tag, something fleshy comes through anus, pus discharge etc. With these symptoms you may suffer from piles (hemorrhoid), anal fissure, fistula in ano, pilonidal sinus or cancer. Medical treatment is not sufficient in all stage of diseases. Sometimes you may need surgery. With the fear of surgery some goes to quack and doctors other than colorectal surgeons and complicate the disease more. Conventional surgery with cutting is painful, bleeding is more, recovery is prolonged, may need multiple dressings and visits to the clinic, may result in anal narrowing. Despite so much problems, there is a significant risk of recurrence.

Newer advances in surgery are now available which can make the whole experience much better. To avoid such sufferings modern treatment and surgery with LASER is available. We have vast experience of doing LASER treatment with satisfaction of our patients.


What can be treated with laser surgery?

Currently, we offer laser treatments for the following conditions:

• Piles

• Anal Fissure

• Fistula in ano

• Pilonidal sinus


Benefits of LASER treatment

• Problem is solved within a few minutes.

• No cuts

• No bleeding

• Greater surgical precision

• Sutureless treatment with no scars

• Minimum pain

• Less hospital stay

• Patients can resume their normal lives immediately after surgery.


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